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Meet Jenna Marie


Meet Jenna Marie, the visionary behind Kiss This Makeup, a powerhouse in the beauty industry. With over a decade of experience, Jenna Marie’s expertise spans special events, print, TV, and film, making her a sought-after professional. The remarkable growth of her company stands as a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, industry knowledge, and professionalism.

Jenna Marie’s accomplishments and dedication have garnered recognition beyond measure. Her company, Kiss This Makeup, received prominent attention through a feature on the Destination Channel, showcasing her leadership and passion for her team located across multiple states.

Jenna Marie’s impressive portfolio boasts an array of accomplishments, including a memorable Vogue Italia photoshoot, collaborations with renowned Hasselblad Master and Pulitzer Prize Photographers, and an exciting Super Bowl commercial featuring Dan Marino for Stella Artois. Her talents have graced music videos of acclaimed artists like Enrique Iglesias, and she has catered to high-profile clients, including the likes of Ben Shapiro. Beyond the spotlight, she played an instrumental role in behind-the-scenes corporate filmings for esteemed names like BMW, Baptist Health, and the University of Miami. Additionally, she has left her mark on prestigious events such as the Latin Billboard Music Awards and prestigious fashion shows for notable brands like Luca Luca, Botegga Contessa, Bulgari Jewelry, and Cynthia Rowley.

``I have always been someone who tries to see the beauty in everything ever since I was a little girl. I carry that with me today and apply it to my profession. I absolutely love helping someone feel their best and what better than to do it on such a special day and share such a monumental moment. My goal is to have each and every bride have a stress and hassle free beauty plan for their wedding day. ``

From a young age, Jenna Marie has been enchanted by the beauty around her, and that passion has driven her career. Helping others feel their best is her ultimate joy, especially on momentous occasions like weddings. With over 2,500 weddings under her belt since 2009, Jenna Marie’s solutions-based approach, composed demeanor, and organizational finesse have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a reliable source for beauty services of all magnitudes.

Beyond her success, Jenna Marie remains deeply connected to her craft, staying true to her roots as a devoted makeup artist and hair professional. Her mastery extends to the art of color matching for diverse skin tones and ensuring curls withstand the test of time flawlessly. Embracing excellence in every aspect, Kiss This Makeup now offers a comprehensive range of services, spanning hair extensions, hair accessories, as well as skin and hair care guidance.

Yet, even as her business expands, Jenna Marie’s heart remains in making others feel their most beautiful selves. Being a part of someone’s special day, sharing their emotions and love stories, brings her immense fulfillment. With unwavering dedication, Jenna Marie strives to create stress-free beauty plans for each bride with her incredible team, ensuring they shine radiantly on their wedding day.

Services with Passion

Kiss This Makeup, LLC offers makeup artistry, hair styling, and beauty assistance with a specialized team for all special events covering South & Central Florida, Dallas, along with Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your wedding day on track and making the process a breeze while providing plenty of options to make each occasion unique and tailored! We offer a wide array of customized services fit for any bride and bridal party.
Every member of the team is hand-selected to be the perfect match for your wedding day needs. Whether you need a simple beauty set-up or a full list of services including hair, makeup, bridal valet, accessories and more, Kiss This Makeup has you covered!

Meet Our South Florida Team

Dorothy Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Ashley Makeup Artist
Brandi Makeup Artist, Spray Tan Specialist, Body Painter, Special FX
Chictara Hair Stylist
Christina Hair Stylist
Danielle Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Diana Makeup Artist
Isabella Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist, Hair Extension Specialist
make up artist in South Florida for Kiss This Makeup Weddings & Events
Michelle S. Makeup Artist
Fernanda Makeup Artist
Iliana Hair Stylist
Natalie Makeup Artist
Jenah Makeup Artist
Vicki Makeup Artist
Kaetlyn B. Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Krista Esthetician, Makeup/SFX Artist, Brow and Lash Extension Artist
Esther Makeup Artist
Rebecca Hair Stylist
Sam Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist, Wig/Sheitel Master
Stefany Hair Stylist
Michelle V Makeup Artist
Nydia Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Matt Hair Stylist
Tania Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Tabitha Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, SFX Makeup, Body Painter
Lizz Makeup Artist

Meet Our Chicago Team

Alexandra Makeup Artist
Brenda Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Araceli Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Brigitte C. Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Carly Makeup Artist
Suzana Makeup Artist
Gina Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Charity Makeup Artist
Koty Hair Stylist
Loredana Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Madison Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, SFX Makeup
Rachael Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Dana Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Krystal Makeup Artist
Gina Lynn Hair Stylist
Toshi Makeup Artist
Stacy Makeup Artist
Natalie B. Hair Stylist
Damar Makeup Artist
Sobrino Makeup Artist

Meet Our Orlando Team

Ashley M Makeup Artist
Carolina Makeup Artist
Katherine Makeup Artist
Jamie Hair Stylist
Jennifer G. Hair Stylist
Jessenia Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Sam R. Makeup Artist
Saray Makeup Artist
Suewella Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Tina K. Hair Stylist
Yari C. Makeup Artist
Joanna Makeup Artist
Cher Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Jasmine M. Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Meet Our Dallas Team

Anabelle Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Danielle O - Makeup Artist in Dallas
Danielle O. Makeup Artist
Minali Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
makeup artist Dallas kiss this makeup best
Urooj Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Payton Hair Stylist
Areej Makeup Artist

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