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Meet Jenna Marie

The founder and owner of Kiss This Makeup, Jenna has been providing professional services for special events, print, TV, and film for over a decade. Her company has grown exponentially in recent years, becoming a veritable one-stop, regional beauty powerhouse. Jenna chalks this success up to her team’s remarkable customer service, extensive knowledge of the industry, and marked professionalism.

Having worked extensively in film, video, print, and runway, some of Jenna’s most prized work includes a photoshoot for Vogue Italia, working alongside Hasselblad Master and Pulitzer Prize Photographers, creating looks for music videos that feature artists like Enrique Iglesias, working behind the scenes at Latin Billboard Music Awards, developing makeup design for feature films, and working on fashion shows for Luca Luca, Botegga Contessa, Bulgari Jewelry, and Cynthia Rowley.

``I have always been someone who tries to see the beauty in everything ever since I was a little girl. I carry that with me today and apply it to my profession. I absolutely love helping someone feel their best and what better than to do it on such a special day and share such a monumental moment. My goal is to have each and every bride have a stress and hassle free beauty plan for their wedding day. ``

Jenna is also honored to have been part of more than 1,500 weddings since 2009. Her solutions-based approach, calm demeanor, strong organizational skills, and reliability — not to mention her passion for her art — have grown her brand as a trusted, go-to source for beauty packages of all sizes.

While she spends a lot of her time developing a business that now includes services far beyond the standard — including hair extensions, hair accessories, skin and nutrition care, hair cuts and color, threading, and waxing — Jenna is still a devoted makeup artist and hair professional at heart, and is a master at color matching for skin tones, and getting curls to last, last, last.

She loves getting to be a part of someone’s very special day, going through their emotions with them, hearing love stories, and making them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

Services with Passion

Kiss This Makeup, LLC offers makeup artistry, hair styling, and beauty assistance with a specialized team for all special events covering South & Central Florida, Tampa/Fort Myers area, Charleston, Dallas, along with Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your wedding day on track and making the process a breeze while providing plenty of options to make each occasion unique and tailored! We offer a wide array of customized services fit for any bride and bridal party.
Every member of the team is hand-selected to be the perfect match for your wedding day needs. Whether you need a simple beauty set-up or a full list of services including hair, makeup, bridal valet, accessories and more, Kiss This Makeup has you covered!

Meet Our South Florida Team

Aisha Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Amber Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Angela Makeup Artist
Ashley Makeup Artist
Brandi Makeup Artist, Spray Tan Specialist, Body Painter, Special FX
Chanel Hair Stylist
Christina Hair Stylist
Danielle Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Diana Makeup Artist
Dorothy Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Fernanda Makeup Artist
Iliana Hair Stylist
Isabella Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist, Hair Extension Specialist
Jenah Makeup Artist
Jennifer M. Makeup Artist, Lash Extension Artist
Jennifer R. Makeup Artist
Katie Makeup Artist
Katy Makeup Artist, Hairy Stylist
Krista Esthetician, Makeup/SFX Artist, Brow and Lash Extension Artist
MELISSA Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Cuts & Color Specialist
MICKI Makeup Artist, Spray Tan Specialist, Lash Extension Artist
Nina Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Ninfa Makeup Artist
Rebecca Hair Stylist
Samantha Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist, Wig/Sheitel Master, SFX Makeup
Stefany Hair Stylist
Tabitha Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, SFX Makeup, Body Painter
Yesenia Makeup Artist, Special FX, Body Painter

Meet Our Chicago Team

Alex Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Alexandra Makeup Artist
Alexis Hair Stylist
Anna Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Araceli Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Brittany Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Fiona Makeup Artist
Gina Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Hung Hair Stylist
Laura Hair Stylist
Loredana Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Madison Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, SFX Makeup
Rachael Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Rosie Makeup Artist
Sara Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist
Selina Makeup Artist, Lash Extension Artist
Sobrino Makeup Artist
Stacy Makeup Artist
Suzana Makeup Artist
Toshi Makeup Artist
Val Makeup Artist
Vivian Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist
Vicki Makeup Artist

Meet Our Charleston Team

Bahiya Hair Stylist
Elana Makeup Artist
Galya Makeup Artist
Jess Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Shira Makeup Artist
Tiara Makeup Artist

Meet Our Orlando Team

Carolina Makeup Artist
Elyse Makeup Artist
Jamie Hair Stylist
Jennifer G. Hair Stylist
Jessenia Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
Katherine Makeup Artist
Suewella Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist

Dallas & Tampa/Fort Meyers Teams Coming Soon!

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