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Kiss This Makeup offers a full range of makeup and styling services. Our teams are highly trained and offer only the best of the best! All products used with our services are researched and hand selected to be the perfect fit for the occasion or medium they are used for. We pride ourselves in offering beauty services that exceed expectations.




Q & A's

Where are services held?

We come to you for services!

Standard travel is $20 per staff. Covers tolls and travels within 40 miles to and from staff’s home base.

Extended travel is per staff at $1 per mile after 40 miles roundtrip.

How do I reserve my date?

All bookings require a $200 deposit to secure your event on our calendar.
If booking a trial prior to 12 weeks out from event, the $200 deposit will be applied to the total cost of your trial. Any remaining credit will apply to the wedding day.
If not having a trial or having a trial less than 12 weeks out from the event, the $200 deposit will be applied to the final cost of your event.

All deposits and trial payments are non-refundable/non-transferable. Trials can be rescheduled with 72 hour notice and a $25 per staff rescheduling fee. 

If your wedding is less than 12 weeks away, the event deposit will be due ASAP to secure a date.

When should I have my trial?

We suggest having a trial run 3/4 months before. 

Will my trial hair and makeup artist be the same on the wedding day?


Do you offer trials for other members of the party?


What’s included in services for the bride?

Bride receives hair style of choice, airbrush makeup (in select cities, please inquire), lashes and a mini touchup kit.

What other services do you offer?

Along with hair styling and makeup, we offer hair extensions, hair accessories and tattoo coverup (in select cities).

When is the final payment due?

All payments are due 1 week before your wedding date.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

Payment accepted in credit/debit, Apple Pay, Zelle. There is a 3.5% service charge for all credit/debits.

Who can make the payment?

One payment is allowed from client who signs contract. You may collect from others how you wish. 

What are additional fees I should know about?

  • Parking – Client will be responsible for all valet/parking day of event for staff if applicable. 
  • Any Extended Travel fees will be discussed and listed on proposal/contract prior to event if applicable. 
  • Additional Staff fees may apply to larger parties.
  • Early Start fees may apply if before 7/8am – please inquire if this applies to you.
  • Add Ons (hair extension placement/working with already placed extensions, extra thick and/or long hair – past bra strap, adding a blowout, adding curl set to blowout, tattoo coverup, adding lashes, adding airbrush, hollywood waves) will all be an additional charge and require more time. It is the client’s responsibility to inform prior to event day should anyone require these services.
  • HolidaysIf your wedding/event date is considered holiday time for the Company, an additional fee  per staff will be assessed.
  • No Bride Fee – Should you wish to book services without any bridal services (applies to any event without a bridal service that is a wedding), there will be a booking fee if wanting package pricing.

When do I need to have my final count for services by?

  • Final count for services is due 12 weeks prior to the event in order for the company to ensure availability, should we need your count sooner we will let you know.  No services can be removed at the 12 week mark, but can be added up until the event date, as long as we can accommodate.
  • A detailed beauty service timeline will arrive 5-8 weeks prior to your event to keep you running on time

How does tipping work?

Auto gratuity of 18% will be added to your final invoice. It will be evenly distributed amongst beauticians working your day. You are welcome to leave additional gratuity for your team day directly.

Can I see the artists' portfolios?

As we are a freelance agency with 75+ artists, individual portfolios are not available; however, please check out our social media for images of our work! If you have a special request, we welcome those too and will do our best to accommodate! 

IG HANDLE & PINTEREST: @kissthismakeup 


How much time is needed per person?

Please allow 30-45 minutes per person per service for party and 45-60 minutes for bride per service before any add ons. We will create a detailed day of timeline.

What should I have in the room on the day of for the artists?

The makeup artists will need a higher bar height chair or stool (if not available it is up to artist to bring their own) and the hairstylist needs a desk or dining table height chair. Also bottled water please! 

Are lashes included with makeup applications?

Lashes are included for our brides on their trial and wedding day only. It’s $30 additional for anyone else and is best if prebooked. 

Can we provide our own lashes?

If you have a set of lashes you love you’re more than welcome to use your own lashes; however, the lash application is still at the same $30 price point to compensate for the makeup artists time. 

How should everyone have their hair on the day of?

Everyone in your party should have completely dry hair upon arrival. One day dirty hair is ideal for most hair textures unless you have fine hair then washed and blow dried morning of is best. If clients have wet hair and require a blow out prior to services, additional charges may occur or they may need to change rotation and come back with hair properly prepper. You may pre book a blow if desired!

Do the hair stylists work with extensions?

Yes! If extensions are needed for your look there are clip ins options available. A hair extension consultation can also be scheduled during or before your trial if you think the style you’re trying to achieve will require extensions. For bridesmaids, please make sure to inform us prior to the day so we may include this in your contract and scheduling.

Should I straighten my hair first if it is curly?

A blow out should be all you need if desiring a different styled curl than hairs natural state. Please inquire with us further should you feel unsure!

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