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Here are the terms and conditions for Termination / Rescheduling:

2.3 Covid-19 Awareness
Appointments will be on location and in the Kiss This Makeup Studio (South Florida only). All staff is required to obtain a Covid-19 Certification. Client consent forms must be completed along with a promise to inform Company should anyone they have interacted with, or themselves test positive for Covid-19. All appointments will require staff to wear masks and only gloves in addition if they desire. Both Clients and staff must wash hands and disinfect the area of set up before services start. Sanitation will presume as it always does in our business, but will be heightened. Should you wish to have a guest during your appointment we are limiting this to one guest during trials. Weddings must be only per service to each staff in 6 feet of one another. Others not receiving services must maintain social distancing and only be in the room during their appointment time. All guests must wear a mask for duration of appointment. Clients must wear a mask during their hair appointments and for beginning of makeup until asked to remove it only if county allows full makeup service.

13.3 Termination
Company will try its best to accommodate any date changes in event of Natural Disasters with no rate changes if your venue is not open for business and no rescheduling fees will apply for 1 year from initially scheduled date and up to 1 change within the 1 year timeframe. Should your venue be open for business and you are choosing to move your date there will be a 1 time rescheduling fee of $100 and you may move the date up to 1 time within 1 year time frame.
Should the company be unable to provide the date change, only $200 deposit will be lost and any payments made other than the deposit will be returned to client.

For rescheduled dates, 50% of the contract will be deferred and due 1 month from initial due date and remaining amount will be due one week prior to new event date.

Should the client cancel services altogether before the 12 week cut off only $200 deposit will be lost. Should client cancel services altogether after the 12 week cut off, 50% of the contract will still be owed.

If the date is outside of the 1 year time frame a $200 change fee will be due.